Making Online Games

I’m making completely HTML 5 based games for online play. Here’s my current list.


Ski, Penguin! Ski!

I was experimenting with Construct 3’s tile mapping for platformers, and ended up creating a skiing penguin. Go figure. I made this one compatible with mobile devices, phones, and old fashioned computers. I haven’t added any sound, but may revisit it later and add the “Penguin Death Squawk”.

Humpty Pong

Humpty Pong

I got bored this weekend so whipped up a simple game using Construct 3‘s free version. I called it Humpty Pong, because it has Humpty Dumpty and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, and even features a wall. The graphics is from a massive web clipart collection I bought back in the 1990’s. Yeah, … old.

Use the arrow keys to move the men/horses back and forth. With each point added to your score, Humpty moves just a little faster. Humpty is also designed to change directions randomly, … sometimes without even hitting a wall. When the game ends, wait a few seconds and press any key to get a new game running.

System Requirements: Chrome 57 or equivalent.

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