Minecraft 1.13.2 Seeds

Spawn in Ocean Biome
Seed: 1538636107446210403
World Type: Buffet (none selected)

Watch out for drowned with tridents. At least, you don’t run into creepers in this ocean buffet.

So I started a random buffet world that turned out to be an ocean biome. This is my first time spawning where there is no land. You get a whole host of challenges that you don’t normally see by spawning in the ocean. But we (me and my lan buddies) came up with solutions for most of them.

Ocean Challenge #1: No land!

This one is easy. Find a shallow part of the ocean and dig up dirt. Then build out a small land platform to rest on.

Ocean Challenge #2: No torches or trees!

At this point, you can’t put a roof over your head, because you’ll have monsters spawn in the dark! And remember three days of no sleep puts you at risk of phantoms, so you have a hard deadline for torches or a bed.

We solved the wood problem by swimming around and finding shipwrecks. Unfortunately, you can’t stay under water long enough to break wood. Start by raiding the loot chests and then from the surface mine the masts of the shipwreck.

We lucked out and found iron and coal in the loot chests. From that we could make torches and put a roof over our heads

Next, make a crafting bench and an axe, and go back for more wood.

Conserve ***ALL*** wood! It’s way too valuable to burn!

Ocean Challenge #3: No Fuel!

As I mentioned, you can’t burn your wood. It is wwwwwaaaayyyyy too valuable and hard to come by. Instead, burn kelp blocks. You can burn some wood stairs, fencing, or trap doors from a shipwreck to dry out nine kelp. Then go too town harvesting and drying kelp using a wall of furnaces. You usually can dry out 20 kelp using one dried kelp block. And the kelp blocks are great for smelting iron and cooking fish.

Ocean Challenge #4: No seeds!

This is where loot chests are your friend. Loot chests often have seeds. Mines, ocean monuments, and shipwrecks all have loot chests, and sometimes they have seeds. Once you have seeds, make a platform of dirt to grow them out on the ocean.

Ocean Challenge #5: No bed!

Those phantoms are pesky, and you won’t find any sheep in your ocean biome. The solution is to mine around until you find a mineshaft. Mineshafts have cave spiders, and even though those little monsters are nasty to fight, they live in webs. Chop the webs with a swords and you get more string than you know what to do with.

Make wool from the spiderwebs. Make beds from the wool. Then you can finally have a good night’s sleep.

Other Ocean Buffet Tips

Get a fishing pole and anvil as soon as possible. You can make some really nice armor and weapons from the stuff you fish.

Light up the ocean floor with jack o’lanterns. They glow in the dark and are waterproof.

Reuse torches when mining. Do this by mining side-tunnels with the torches, then reclaim the torches on your way out of the side-tunnel, and seal the entrance to the side-tunnels with cobblestone.

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