Minecraft Seeds (Java Minecraft 1.12.2 version)

I have to admit, there’s some pretty cool Minecraft seeds out there. Here’s the one I just ran into. I’ll post more information on it soon.

Village and Temple

Java Minecraft 1.12.2
Seed: 2773451647744737359
Java 8

Cliffside Village
Spawn point is by this wonderful cliffside village.
Dessert Temple
Spawn point is also by this dessert temple.
Caves and Creatures
Lot’s of creatures are available by the spawn point. There’s donkeys, sheep, cattle, and rabbits.
Lava Cave
Don’t fall in the lava cave by your spawn point.
Lotsa Caves
You can’t run in a straight line without finding a cave when you use this seed.



Floating Islands and Lavafalls

Java Minecraft 1.12.2
Seed: -5643160417678160709
Java 8

This see starts you on Wolf Island (my name for it). A short distance away by boat are plenty of sheep, llamas, mountains, and dark oak forests. My favorite part of the seed are the views of lavafalls and waterfalls. Also a few beautiful islands in sky.

Floating Island in the Sky
Nice minecraft seed for island spawn point.
Lavafalls and Waterfalls
Minecraft seed for lavafalls and waterfalls.
Arches and Lavafalls
Beautiful views in this seed.

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